Учиться читать с «Супер АЗБУКОЙ!» – это суперинтересно и суперувлекательно!!!
«Супер АЗБУКА!» – это супервеселая игра для изучения алфавита. Играя с забавными супербуквами, ребенок познакомится с буквами, научится их писать, выучит звуки, которые им соответствуют и сделает первые шаги в обучении чтению.

There are many educational and fun games in our «Super Alphabet» App.

Getting acquainted with letters and sounds:

«Pop up Bubbles with Letters!» Collect the correct letters in a bucket of paint.

Learning to write letters:

«Write a Super Letter!»-write your animated letters with the help of the magic paint.

Learning to read words:

«Letters in Boxes!»- catch running letters and make words out of them. Assemble a cute character from construction pieces and watch it come to life!

Reinforcing learned material:

«Friendly Chase!» — catch all of the characters that start with the given letter and put them in their correct place.

«Super Alphabet» has:

Super-cool characters!

An entertaining form of education!

Funny animations!

Hilarious sound effects!

A large variety of games!

Amazing music!

User-friendly interface!

Parental control

No outside ads

It also develops attention span, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination.

We are in absolute confidence that «Super Alphabet!» will help your children to learn the alphabet and establish a solid foundation for good reading skills!