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for children

Playing games for children is as natural as breathing. Games not only entertain them, but also help to explore the surrounding world.

Bini Bambini educational games is a great tool for your kid to master fine motor skills, learn to read, write and count enjoying the exciting gameplays. As our games are full of fun, they will keep your kid engaged and motivated to explore and learn.

More than 50 million kids all over the world have already learned reading with the help of Bini Bambini games, which are made with love and care by our professional team. We are sure that wisely chosen educational games is a powerful tool to help your child develop the vital life skills.
Learn while playing with Bini Bambini!


Drawing Academy for Kids

There are over 100 animated pictures in our “Drawing Academy” app. Follow step by step instructions to draw adorable characters, and they will come to life!

Drawing & Dance Studio. Drawing Games for Kids

The “Drawing & Dance Studio” is a creative space for children. Step-by-step, the child draws the playful, colorful critters.

Super ABC. Alphabet for kids

Learning to read with Super ABC is extremely interesting and very exciting. Super ABC is a super-fun game for learning the alphabet. Playing with amusing Super ABC, your children will get familiar with the alphabet.

Drawing For Kids

“Drawing for Kids!” is a game which gives little children a wonderful opportunity to create and explore the creative process of visual art.

Super Numbers

There never was such a SuperInteresting and SuperIntriguing way to learn numbers!!! “SuperNumbers!” is a happy game for children to learn counting from 1 to 10.


We love this game! I would definitely recommend it to parents as both a teacher and a mom. I especially like the diversity in the curriculum and the suprises at the end of every completed game. Even for tikes just starting out, it helps you every step of the way!
I wanted a game for my 2 year old that is educational and had a good variety. This game didn't disappoint. My son loves it and it keeps him entertained as well as making him think. Great game!!
Interisting games for kids ...pronoun every words and number so clear ...not only knowing number but also practice English helpful so much ..txs ya...great jobs
One of the best games for my preschooler. He needs minimal help and likes all the animations and options. Getting the paid version was worth every penny.
My three year old loves all the funny food games. Highly recommend. Safe, educational and fun for little ones.


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