"The alphabet in boxes" is an exciting learning game with a unique and truly effective method of learning reading. Your kid will catch living letters and puts them together into words. There is also a construction kit of several parts, a puzzle which can be assembled in to a picture that depicts the given word.

In this educational project there is a serious approach to teaching hidden inside of a humorous and entertaining game. Your child will love all those funny animated letters, amusing animations and exciting puzzles, which will teach it the alphabet and help your child to learn reading. While playing with the letters, your kid will easily learn the names of the letters and the correspondent sounds, it will successfully read his first words and learn to write all letters of the alphabet and also train his fine motor skills… “ABC in boxes” is:

– 26 animated letters for children!

– 100 words to learn to read!

– a two-in-one: learn the letters and learn to read!

– two learning modes: read by letters, read by phonics!

– a great animated construction kit!

– 100 cool puzzles for kids!

– fascinating, playful learning in english!

– trains and develops fine motor skills!

ABC in boxes will certainly help your kid to get to know the alphabet and make first steps in learning to read!