Assemble these cute forest animals out of colorful parts and watch them come to life right under your fingers! Puzzle Game for Kids is a unique assembling game with animation as an added bonus! Forest creatures can't wait to be assembled; they want to jump, roll and have fun! Every one of them has its own little game: you may feed a little Bear with wild strawberries, grow flowers for a Moose, or help a Fox to find a hiding spot... You'll find that and much more in the Puzzle Game for Kids!

Every animal lives in its own part of the forest. A Raccoon lives near the river, a Squirrel lives in a tree, a little Bear lives in a meadow… While playing this game, you may assemble forest animals as well as their surroundings. You may find nuts and acorns for a squirrel, or mushrooms for a hedgehog, or berries for a bear. Assemble them all and then play again and again!


• 7 charming characters
• More than 200 amusing animations and sound effects
• More than 200 parts for assembly
• 7 fun mini games
• Real forest sounds
• Simple and child-friendly interface
• Amazing original graphics
• Assembly game for children 2-6 years old
• Parental control
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

Puzzle Game for Kids enables your children to develop fine motor skills, enhances their creativity and imagination, and helps them to stay focused. This game gives your children a wonderful peek into the natural world around them and introduces forest animals and their habitat. Your child can make new friends from the forest: a fox, a raccoon, a moose, an owl, a squirrel, a hedgehog and a bear.

Let’s get acquainted:

• A little Fox lives on the edge of the woods. He loves playing hide and seek and listening to birds’ chirping.
• A little Bear lives near the strawberry field. He’s a great berry eater and he loves to roll and cartwheel!
• A Squirrel lives in the hollow of a tall tree. She loves collecting nuts and doing all that running and jumping around!
• A little Moose lives near the flower meadow. He loves to pick fresh flowers, enjoying their sweet aroma until… he munches on them!
• A very cute baby Raccoon has his home near the river. He loves running after the dragonflies and jumping from rock to rock.
• An Owl flies in the nighttime forest, making a funny hooting sound. She loves sitting on a tall treetop under the moon and watching how the leaves whirl and float in the air.
• A Hedgehog simply loves to walk in the forest and collect mushrooms!

This game starts in the meadow where all the characters are gathered together.
You may choose any of the forest animals, begin playing, and play it as long as you wish! Puzzle Game for Kids with its inhabitants, fun mini games and unexpected surprises are waiting for you!