Have you ever dreamed of your drawings coming to life? With "Draw Your Cartoon!" your dream comes true!
Draw these funny farm animals from Old MacDonald's farm, and they will begin moving right under your fingers! They can't wait to start dancing!
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"Draw Your Cartoon!" is a unique animation/drawing game. Even a little child can draw these cute farm animals!

“Draw Your Cartoon!” shows you how to draw eight characters including a sheep, a cow, a dog, a chicken, a pig, a horse, along with a tractor and an old farmer. “Draw Your Cartoon!” helps to stimulate your child’s creativity, develops their fine motor skills, and sparks their imagination! Best of all drawing the animals is very entertaining and exciting! This cheerful and engaging game is intriguing, and it brings lots of fun and joy!

This amazing game is interesting for both children and parents alike. You can draw by tracing the lines or choose to draw freely with no rules. You may redraw each character to your own liking. For example: add a funny hat to a cow or boots to a pig, give a hilarious hair style to a horse, or draw a bow tie on a dog’s tail.

All eight characters of this game will dance for you as soon as you finish drawing. They will perform to the music of everyone’s favorite song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm!”

• 8 amusing characters
• Characters that come to life as you draw them
• Simple, clear and straight forward interface
• Convenient and automatic changing from step to step
• Professional music arrangement and performance
• Endless possibility for creativity
• Snap a photo to save and share
• A game for kids and adults alike
• Parental control
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

Drawing with “Draw Your Cartoon!” is fun, easy, and exciting!