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Educational games for kids


Welcome to the Bini Bambini Apps Сatalog!

Here you can choose preschool learning games for kids of different ages.

Our games have already become loved by millions of parents and children around the world.

Bini Bambini mobile games for kids have gained recognition in many countries around the world. 

Our games will help your child develop memory and attention, reveal creative abilities,

it will be excellent training for fine motor skills of hands, coordination of movements.

Educational games for kids teach you how to draw cute animals and write the first letters.

You can play with the animated drawings and watch their pranks!



iOS & Android games for kids


These educational games for kids were created with love and care by experts in the field of preschool education,

psychologists and methodologists. Our developers, animators and designers have put in a lot of effort to make

ABC learning games easy and fun. We do our best to make games on the phone from simple entertainment

to useful helpers for modern parents! Educational games for kids are fun learning!



Drawing games for kids


Download our apps to your favorite devices!  Our educational games for kids are available on both popular platforms.

We offer you to try apps for kids for free so that you can get acquainted with the application, make sure of its quality,

and then install the full version.

We remind you that our games:

  • -have parental control
  • -no third-party advertising
  • -work without internet access



ABC learning games


Together with funny characters, your child will get acquainted with numbers and letters,

take the first steps in learning to read and write and solving logic puzzles.

For older children, you will find educational activities for children 5 years old and older.

The simple tasks of filling in a sequence and finding a logical connection will help your child to develop logic and memory.

Games for boys and girls include many useful and necessary topics

for the all-round development and learning of a child.



Ipad games for kids


Ipad games for kids are great for boys and girls.

Our mobile apps are suitable for both boys and girls because,

among a variety of themes, drawings, and games, your children can choose the ones that they like! 

ipad games for kids include:

  • – reading games for kids with amusing characters
  • – number games for kids with simple arithmetic operations,
  • – drawing games for kids with step-by-spet tutorials
  • – funny puzzles with fractions
  • – and many other useful skills and knowledge necessary for a preschooler.

iOS & Android games for kids by Bini Bambini! great choice of loving parents!

Let learning always be fun, interesting and exciting!

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Early education tips, learning activities and templates for your little one.

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