Edutainment Universe for kids
Full set of educational games for preschool that covers 18 essential topics from Reading & Math to Drawing & Creativity
This edutainment app is designed to prepare your kid for school in a playful way. Your kid will learn with a laugh while playing with cute characters in their engaging stories.
Designed as a smart babysitter, it helps to occupy kids with fun education for a while and make their screen time meaningful. Your kid never gets bored with a huge variety of hundreds of educational games.
Our mission is to help to nurture a lifelong love of learning in kids. Help them fall in love with every preschool topic. Boost your child’s cognitive development and build a foundation for their academic success. Make the most of pre-school years.
  • 450 educational games
  • 18 topics: ABC, syllables, words, numbers, counting, math, logic, attention, memory, shapes, sizes, drawing, colors, creativity, music, and more
  • 25 gameplays: letters tracing, letters recognition, letter-image associations, puzzles, photofits, words building, drawing, find & catch, dressing, playing with characters, and more
  • 90 hours of cute animations
  • voice-over: ABC, syllables, words, objects & parts, colors, shapes, drawing process
  • personalization: Learning Path adapts to your child
  • independent learning: all games child-centered and easy to navigate

Receive information about the apps.
Early education tips, learning activities and templates for your little one.

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