Early reading educational complex
Оver 1,000 engaging and captivating games, puzzles, and assignments for early reading
Bini ABC Games is an engaging educational experience for children that features a simple step-by-step learning path. It was developed as an educational program by experienced preschool educators, and covers a wide variety of topics, from letter recognition to independent reading.
The app includes more than 1000 engaging games, puzzles, and tasks that captivate children and teach them early reading skills. With all its exciting games and frequent task updates, there are hundreds of hours of educational play in the Bini ABC Games app. Your child will be kept busy with amusing games all while learning their ABCs and phonics.
With Bini ABC Games, learning turns into a fascinating journey. On our specially designed Learning Path, your child will explore a series of enchanted islands, divided into different levels and topics.
  • On Letter Islands, they get to know individual letters of the alphabet, the sounds they make, and words that begin with the letter. By washing off soapy bubbles, filling the magic paint can, chasing letters in games of tag, and playing memory games with the letters, your child will effortlessly learn how to recognize all the letters of the alphabet and how to write them.
  • On Phonic Islands, our fun-loving letters will teach your child about syllables and how to put them together to make words. Here, your child will become a master of reading and writing syllables. The auditory method of teaching that Bini ABC Games provides makes recognition and memorisation of repeating letter combinations fun and easy.
  • On Word islands, your child will use the letters they’ve learned to make words and read. Learned syllables combine with other animated letters to form words. The letters then pronounce themselves individually and altogether to help your child remember how they all sound. It’s the best way to master the basics of reading!

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