The children´s learning game "Draw letters!" is a wonderful opportunity to awaken your child´s interest for the alphabet and letters in a very early age. This app will teach your child in a very entertaining and joyful way the alphabet, to write letters and to get to know new words. It will also develop your child´s fine motor skills and the ability to draw simple objects. The uncommon mixture of drawing, learning the alphabet and teaching the basics of writing make this app truly unique!

In this game your kid will write step by step by an example neat figures and characters, following hints given by a motivating child´s voice. Then your kid draws a letter and the drawing magically comes to life! The bee hums joyfully, the hedgehog turns somersaults, while the funny giraffe begins to dance… Your child will surely like the nice animations and funny sounds, it will play this game with great joy, over and over and strengthen the knowledge he got and train its writing skills.

The learning game “Write Letters!” will help children to:

– learn the alphabet;

– learn to write all letters from A to Z;

– train fine motor skills;

– learn to draw simple characters;

– develop his speech and learn lots of new words

– learn and develop in an easy and fun way

While playing the unique learning game “”Draw Letters!””, your kid will easy learn the entire alphabet, it will learn to write letters and – of course – to draw! And the main thing is: Your kid will learn with joy!