ABC Worksheets: Color, Discover, and Write the alphabet
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ABC Worksheets: Color, Discover, and Write the alphabet

Have you heard about how children games free the mind from the stresses of forced study and engage them in fun studies? It’s true. And whether your child is about to start preschool or about to go back to school, ABC learning games get them to continue building on their ABC knowledge in a way that makes them happy.

We’ve got our ABC-learning Activity Book for Kids free for you to download and print, so read on to find out how beneficial ABC worksheets are in making sure your kid’s relationship with the alphabet is a healthy one.

Ensuring Your Kid’s Educational Journey Is a Healthy One

The pressures of study in this day and age are immense. We know that the best way to ensure a successful future is to provide a good education, and a big fear for adults is that their children won’t learn enough or that they aren’t keeping up with others their age. This fear can manifest itself in ways that hinder your child’s relationship with education. Here are some tips to help nurture a love of learning:

  • Keep in mind that everyone learns differently: if one method doesn’t seem to work, try a different approach.
  • Be patient: it takes time to develop all these skills.
  • Show interest: Just because the ABCs seem boring to you now, they’re new and (if done right) exciting to your child. Showing interest means that you value your child.

Getting your kid’s relationship with the alphabet and study off to a healthy start is best achieved by showing them that you’re proud of them. Why? It allows them to be proud of themself.

The Best Way to Learn? There’s Not Just One

People, especially young ones, all learn differently, at different paces, in different ways, and with different focuses. Sometimes, when you go to teach one concept, like the ABCs, they end up picking up on another one. Don’t stress! That’s actually amazing.

There are some tips that will apply to most children. We know that if a child is more engaged, they’re more interested, and they learn more. That’s why preschool is such a fun place to be, and why Bini Bambini apps focus on making children laugh. More fun equals more engagement.

There’s also a fine line to walk when it comes to knowing when to encourage and motivate and when your kid’s not ready. Positivity is key to letting little ones know that mistakes are OK and that trying is the most important thing.

Fostering a Love of Learning

If you want to nurture the natural inquisitive nature of your child, give them lots of positivity and ways to study that are interesting to them, like our printable worksheets and the Bini Bambini family of educational apps. Download the ABC-learning Activity Book for Kids for free below and try out some of our free kids’ learning games. Your kid will have so much fun that they won’t be able to wait to go back to school!

Click the link below to download our free printables!

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