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Back to school: how to prevent burnout syndrome in children

My child lacks motivation in everything. She attends music, sports, and even extra English classes. But all she wanna do […]

Bini Bambini
ABC learning for kids
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ABC Worksheets: Color, Discover, and Write the alphabet

Have you heard about how children games free the mind from the stresses of forced study and engage them in […]

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learn numbers
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Numbers for Kids: Get Them Ready for School with Worksheets

Will your kid be ready for school? You can make sure they are by giving them fun number worksheets! We’ve […]

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learn letters
YouTube for Children: a Portal to Reading

Children have so many options today for learning ABCs. Typically, when we think of reading, our minds automatically think of […]

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learning for preschoolers
Play Bingo and Learn with Bini Bambini Numbers

Bingo isn’t just for keeping grandma busy on a Wednesday night. It’s also a great way to help kids practice […]

Bini Bambini
English for children
English learning is a Breeze with Bini ABC Games

If you’re struggling to make learning the English alphabet fun for your child, Bini’s funny Live Letters are the answer. […]

Bini Bambini
easy way to learn numbers
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Practice Numbers with Bini Bambini

There’s so much to learn about numbers! There’s digits, there’s counting, there’s amounts, and that’s just the beginning. Bini Bambini’s […]

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educational apps for kids
Apps News
App News: An Out-of-This-World Update for One of Our Free Educational Apps

The Funny Foods have long been our favorite food-themed characters, but until now we had no idea where they came […]

Bini Bambini
maths for kids
Bini Bambini’s Learn-to-Count Activity Book

Learning the numbers 1 through 10 is the first step into the world of math. And with Bini Bambini, it’s […]

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preschool lessons
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Quality Parent-Child Bonding with Our Spring Coloring Book

Not sure what to draw? Take inspiration and ideas for drawing from the season, and bond with your child with […]

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