App News: An Out-of-This-World Update for One of Our Free Educational Apps
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App News: An Out-of-This-World Update for One of Our Free Educational Apps

The Funny Foods have long been our favorite food-themed characters, but until now we had no idea where they came from. In Funny Food 2, you now get to immerse yourself in their cosmic journey, discover what happens when they reach Earth, and save then from the pickle they find themselves in!

Keeping preschoolers motivated and engaged

Our goal with this update was to encourage kids to play and learn and keep them doing so on their own. We know how much kids love the Funny Food characters, and our experience has taught us that goals and reward milestones push kids to continue.

In our educational game for 5 year old kids, we find out that the Funny Foods came from another galaxy. The thing is… they look almost exactly like Earth foods, so a farmer confuses them with his fruits and veggies and sends them off to market!

As soon as you open the app, you’ll watch a video with the tale, and the rescue begins. The story makes your kid the hero with a mission to fulfill. It’s up to them to save all the Funny Foods!

A heroic mission combined with games for children’s development

Your kid will have the Funny Food guide, Carrot, with them to show them exactly what needs to be done. Corn, for example, is locked in a crate. To get them out, you’ll need a crowbar, which is hidden in a game. So, your kid will build skills such as shapes, colors, fractions, vocabulary, and more to get it.

As your kid rescues Funny Foods, they’ll gain milestone rewards for every five characters saved. This pushes them to keep going.

Screentime for kids should be meaningful

A big worry for parents is that kids these days have too much screentime. But with technology being such a big part of our personal and working lives now, it’s better to use it to your advantage.

The games in Funny Food 2 are short, allowing quick progress with minimal screentime. It’s true that learning and playing go hand in hand. And with our apps, every moment of screentime helps them learn new skills or reinforce old ones.

Check out this video to see the story and how it motivates children to learn

With this latest update, Funny Food 2 is even more fun and will have kids wanting to play more and therefore learn more.

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