App News: Major Update to the Yummies App to Aid Preschool Education
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App News: Major Update to the Yummies App to Aid Preschool Education

Yummies is an app full of educational mini-games with hilarious food-themed friends. And we’re making some changes to make your child’s edutainment experience even better.

Using play is the best way to develop skills

There is so much that kids need to know in order to succeed at school. Some of it seems so basic to us as adults that we forget that we even put in the effort to learn it. But we did. Do you know what topics we’re talking about? We mean colors, shapes, numbers, letters, the names of fruits and vegetables, simple logical patterns, and more. We develop apps for kids with games that teach kids in such a fun way that they don’t even know they’re learning. Want your kid to learn to count? Let’s decorate a cake and count the candles.

Want them to learn shapes? Baking cookies with cookie cutter shapes is the way to go! The more engaged a child is, the more they learn, so we’ve designed the games in Yummies with this in mind.

Learn numbers more easily with a special new helper

To develop skills and have even more fun, we’re adding a bouncy and bubbly character by the name of Carrot to Yummies. You guessed it, Carrot is orange, long, and has a tuft of green growing from its top. But what does Carrot do?

As an in-app assistant, Carrot helps your kid navigate the app more easily. This means that the focus is on learning the letters, numbers, shapes, and all the other important stuff, and not on learning how to use the app.

To give kids extra incentives to learn, special rewards are given when they complete the mini-games. Sometimes it’s stickers and sometimes it’s clothing. The kids can dress Carrot up in the new pieces they receive, adding an element of customization to the game – and who doesn’t like expressing their creativity and collecting stickers for a sticker album?!

Carrot also has an out-of-this-world blaster. Kids can choose its design and whether its filled with bubbles, fireworks, or something else. Then they can play a mini-mini-game after completing a game as an extra reward!

This in-app helper character is like a friend that is by your side encouraging you to keep learning. Carrot will motivate your kid to learn more and more, and give them the confidence to learn on their own.

Why do we develop apps for kids?

We at Bini Bambini believe that preschool education apps are the way of the future. They’re truly the best and most modern way to impart knowledge to the next generation. And with our researchers, early education experts, developers, and of course parents, we are constantly updating our methods and apps so that your kids and ours are getting the best education they can get.

Your suggestions are also very important because you know what you want for your kids. So, we welcome any feedback you have to offer! We hope to hear from you, and we also hope that you and your kid enjoy learning with your new in-app friend, Carrot!

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