English learning is a Breeze with Bini ABC Games
English learning is a Breeze with Bini ABC Games

If you’re struggling to make learning the English alphabet fun for your child, Bini’s funny Live Letters are the answer. They’re funny and giggly, and they know just how to keep your kid interested and engaged.

English free online learning games provide a natural learning experience

The best time to learn a second language is when you’re young. English for children who don’t speak it as a first language is often difficult because the approach to learning it so… unnatural.

Bini ABC Games uses letter characters and entertaining minigames to change that. It provides a low-stress, natural environment for kids to just absorb information. There’s the Learning Path, where kids can learn letters by letter building, Alphabet, where kids learn the letters alphabetically, Words, where they associate letters with words, the Games Room, with amusing letter-themed games, and more. Of course, the Live Letters also put on a performance of the Alphabet Song for kids to sing along to.

What’s the biggest advantage of a ​​language learning app?

One of the biggest advantages of acquiring a language with an app is being able to learn to speak English like a native. The numerous voiceovers at various points of the games show kids how letters sound in different letter combinations and on their own.

Kids also make natural associations with words like children of native speakers would. Instead of having to remember a word translated from English to their first language, kids create a much stronger memory connection between pictures and words.

Most importantly: tons of fun games for kids to learn

With our passion and dedication to making children’s first learning experiences memorable and enjoyable, we’re always creating new games that focus on learning and playing.

Kids will love catching the matching letter to fill the paint can, jumping from letter to letter to catch a ride in the sky, flying an airplane to the letter, and putting puzzle pieces together.

English for beginners is a fun experience for children when they learn with the Bini ABC Games app. Download it today and get your kid started on their amazing English-learning journey!

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