Bini Reaches a Huge Milestone–We’re 10!
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Bini Reaches a Huge Milestone–We’re 10!

We did it. We’ve reached double digits–the big 1-0. That’s a huge milestone in the games industry. We took our first wobbly steps in early education gaming apps a decade ago. We’ve made it through the teething period, the sleepless nights, and the constant worrying, and we’ve grown from all our experiences. While we’ll forever look back on our memories as Bini Bambini fondly, we also look forward to all the exciting new adventures we’ll have as Bini Games.

A decade of history

10 years ago, we were just four friends: a musician, an educational psychologist, an engineer, and a designer. But we were also parents, and we saw firsthand that the most effective way to learn is through play. It’s amazing how quickly kids pick up new information when their minds are engaged in fun activities. Play is the language children speak. This idea was enough to inspire us to create Bini Bambini–a company that made fun games designed to educate and delight.

We wrapped educational content in dynamic and colorful games. It was important that kids didn’t feel like they were forced to learn. Instead, they were guided by voice prompts, vivid animations, and intuitive design. By 2015, millions of families around the world had downloaded our Funny Food app, where children learn all kinds of foundational skills with hilariously silly food characters. Bini even ranked in Google’s popular “Designed for family” category and in Apple’s Top 10 Learning Apps in Europe and China.

In 2016, we created Drawing Academy, where children’s drawings come to life, and released the Living Letters so that kids could feel that the letters were friends and not foes. Our developers and educators were constantly coming up with new game mechanics to get the most educational value out of our games.

Now there’s no stopping us. We have more than 200 employees, more than 30 apps, and 100 million users worldwide. Plus we release 2-3 new products every year.

It’s time for reinvention!

We’re so proud of our achievements, and the work that everyone on the Bini team has put in to help us thrive as a company. Now that we’ve grown up so much, we think it’s time to shout out loud and clear that we’re well and truly part of the games industry and we’re here to stay!

Our cute, little Bini Bambini hand logo served us well. It represented our aim to bring joy in learning to younger children and help prepare them for preschool. But now it’s time to wave goodbye to the hand and make way for our lemon yellow Bini Games rabbit to hop in. We’ll continue making marvelous mobile educational solutions for children aged five and under. But we’re expanding our horizons too. The Bini Games bunny is the energy we’re going to strive forward with when making educational and entertainment games for older children.

Bini Bambini was the strong foundation we built. Bini Games will help us move forward and bring even more children a love of learning.

Bini Values

Our values are stronger than ever now that we’re Bini Games. We love LAUGHTER. Laughing means learning because it means a child is engaged with the game. They’re interacting with it and are stimulated by it. Our Bini characters love to laugh and have your kid laugh with them. HAPPINESS for all children. No matter who or where a child is, they deserve happiness. We want kids everywhere to thrive and be happy. BETTERMENT overall. We’re constantly researching ways to improve the educational experience we provide to children. Whether it’s new technology or new teaching methods, we’re working on it!

With our transformation into Bini Games, we’re going to be bigger and better than ever.

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