Family Trip? Entertain the Kids with Educational Apps
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Family Trip? Entertain the Kids with Educational Apps

It’s summer holidays and everyone needs a break. Time for a family vacation! Sounds fun, but we all know that travelling with kids can be stressful. There are the endless drives or plane rides, and it’s hard to keep kids entertained for short periods of time, let alone long ones! That’s where Bini Bambini apps come in to save the day when getting the children prepared for any of your future trips.

Our apps for children are designed by experienced early educators to keep little minds engaged and happy. Each activity within the apps is short, meaning that it educates in little bursts perfect for those not-so-long attention spans. As they play, you’ll hear your kids giggling at the silly letter and number characters and gasp in delight as their very own works of art come to life and play with them.

Here are three of our apps that will edutain your child on your trip:

Drawing Academy

Got a budding young artist on your hands? Nurture your child’s creativity with the Drawing Academy app. Kids get their choice of tools to draw with, including crayons, paints, stickers, and patterns. There is also a massive range of more than 150 drawings grouped into categories like, Fairy Tale Characters, Ocean, Farm, and even Letters and Numbers. Kids will start associating letters to objects starting with that letter through one of their favorite activities – drawing.

Each drawing is guided and fully voiced, so your child will be able to figure out what to do all on their own. Once each drawing is finished, it comes to life with fantastic animations, and your artist has the opportunity to play with their masterpiece or move onto creating the next. You’ll be able to drive in peace, knowing that your child is developing fine motor skills, the ability to understand and follow simple instructions, and is having fun.

For the iOS link, click here. For Android, click here. 

Bini ABC Games

Let your kids take a trip down the Learning Path of Bini ABC Games, and they’ll familiarize themselves with all the letters of the alphabet as well as foundational phonics. There are over 1000 games, puzzles, and activities to help kids with early reading skills.

Instead of being frustrated with letters, your little learners will become friends with them. Education through children’s entertainment is the goal in this app. They’ll laugh and play together as they learn to memorize and recognise first letters and then whole words. Shooting letters into space, playing hide and seek, and washing soapy bubbles off are just some of the delightful activities that await!

For the iOS link, click here. For Android, click here.

Funny Food

Who would think that fruits and vegetables could be delicious, entertaining, and educational? Funny Food is a super app that covers a wide range of foundational skills, including logic and thinking, shapes and sizes, colors, puzzles, creativity, and more. Everything your kid needs to know for preschool is there. There are also the fun Om Nom Adventure videos to keep your child entertained.

Funny Food acts as a distance learning app to boost children’s mental health and stimulation. It uses friendly food characters to teach kids about sorting small, medium, and large objects from each other and even basic math skills. Just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean you can’t sneak some school preparation into your children’s days.

For the iOS link, click here. For Android, click here.

The first step in going on your summer break is getting there. Get your vacation off to a great start by keeping your kids entertained on the way. You know, the best entertainment for children is one where they’re educated and don’t even know it.

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