How to Develop Kids’ Creativity?
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How to Develop Kids’ Creativity?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”, – Albert Einstein.

How to develop kids’ creativity? The importance of creative skills can hardly be overestimated. No wonder there is so much discussion about kids’ creativity and the best way to boost it. Drawing apps for kids, including our Drawing Academy App iOS (and Android), have proven to be an effective tool in this regard. But before we jump on to the recommendations, let’s talk a bit about the notion itself first.

Generally, creativity is no longer associated only with artistic talent. Instead it has acquired a wider meaning that implies the ability to look at things in a different way, be brave to experiment, and to generally think out of the box. Sounds like an essential skill, doesn’t it? There are multiple ways to develop creativity in kids. Yet speaking of early years, Drawing Academy can be a good start.

For children, creative activities such as drawing and painting help them engage with the world and understand their own selves. Kids who are allowed to be creative and regularly train it, have better emotional intelligence, communicate at a higher level, and are more patient. Best drawing apps for kids normally imply an ipad drawing app for kids for the sake of convenience.

So the logical question is “How can I teach it to my kid?” The truth is that creativity is not exactly about “teaching”. It’s more about creating favorable conditions for children in which they can demonstrate, exercise creativity and let it flourish. But where can one begin? Here is some practical advice.

It has been recognized long ago that drawing is fundamental for a healthy brain development. Let’s agree that sometimes a blank page or screen may be intimidating even for grown-ups, not to mention the little ones. So giving something to spark the imagination and outline a direction can be a good idea. With this in mind, we have developed our Drawing Academy App iOS (and Android), a unique resource to get started with the artistic taste development and drawing as such.

Produced by experts on preschool education, it contains more than 100 step-by-step drawing tutorials of various complexity levels. Kids can use various tools such as pencils, paints, crayons to trace the drawings. Once they are through with coloring, the picture comes alive! The app’s design and structure make it a perfect choice for toddlers that are starting with early education and those who are in kindergarten or are getting ready to go there. Finally, it has adorable activities to keep the child occupied during a trip, in a doctor’s waiting room or just on a rainy day at home.

Fun and diverse characters (animals, fairy-tale and cartoon characters) make the process amusing all the way. To crown it all, we have released ABC and Numbers packs to boost kids’ interest in learning abc and counting to get them curious about preschool topics. The bright animations that one can enjoy once through with the coloring, stimulate kids to finish up their drawings. It brings a sense of completion which is beneficial for self-esteem.

Ultimately, children are enjoying themselves, while parents are calm knowing that the chosen pastime is good and healthy for their dearest. If you are wondering how to develop kids’ creativity, Drawing Academy is a useful helper for a number of reasons:

  • develops fine motor skills preparing the small hands for holding a pen and writing. It’s also a great exercise for hand and eye coordination.
  • helps kids simultaneously process information in multiple ways.
  • stimulates imagination and promotes interest towards arts in general.
  • drawing is fundamental for logical thinking and abstract thought development.

We also need to remember that children need to be comfortable with gadgets since the world they’ll be living in will have only more of it. That’s why an iPad drawing app for kids can be a perfect platform to become digitally savvy.

Apart from apps and other tools we are lucky to enjoy in today’s world, remember to show interest towards what your children are doing, comment positively and avoid comparison to other children’s artwork. Genuine interest and words of encouragement are never excessive.

To sum it up, there is a good saying by Maya Angelou: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have it”. So go on and embark on your creative journey together with your little ones! We are happy to accompany you with our educational products!

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