Learn and Laugh this Winter with Free Coloring Sheets for Kids
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Learn and Laugh this Winter with Free Coloring Sheets for Kids

Most of us know that for kids coloring is a fun activity, but while children draw and color, they also get a range of developmental benefits. Creativity stimulation is an obvious one. Even on coloring sheets, grass can be purple, people and animals can be rainbow-colored, and clouds can be pink like cotton candy… This brings us to another skill–vocabulary expansion. Not only do children become more familiar with the names of colors, but they also learn the names of animals and other figures, such as shapes and numbers, that feature on their coloring sheets.

Find out what tools are best for kids to use when coloring, and download free winter coloring pages from the link at the end of this article.

Crayons or markers: what should kids use on these free coloring sheets?

There is some debate as to what tools are best for toddlers and young children to use when learning to draw, usually between crayons and markers. Kids often show a preference for markers. Markers produce strong vibrant colors regardless of how much pressure or what angle is used. This means that drawing poses fewer challenges for a kid just starting out. This is helpful for getting them interested in coloring. But, once a child gets the hang of this, occupational therapists and early education experts more often tend towards encouraging children to use crayons, as they provide more developmental benefits for a child.

Crayons require more pressure. This pressure helps children develop the small muscles in their hands, facilitating fine motor development. A child with stronger fine motor skills will have an easier time learning to write letters as they have greater control over their instrument. Crayons also come in a range of different shapes that are appropriate for certain ages. In general, finger crayons, with a bulb at one end and a point at the other, are perfect for 2-3-year olds. Crayon rocks are smaller in size and encourage a ‘pincer grasp’ where a child uses their fingers rather than the whole-handed ‘fisted grasp’. They’re recommended for children 3-4-years old. From this point, a child can move from broken large crayons to large triangle crayons to regular crayons (unbroken or broken) as appropriate.

Pay attention to your child’s skill level when it comes to fine motor skills, and you’ll be able to prepare them for learning to handwrite at school.

Christmas Coloring Pages and Other Themed Scenes Help Children Understand

Themed coloring pages present the opportunity to introduce children to cultural phenomenons–both your own and others. A Christmas-themed coloring sheet, for example, might have images of stockings, snow, Christmas trees, or good old Frosty the Snowman. Seeing these pictures can inspire a child to wonder why these items are an important part of celebrating Christmas. You can converse and connect with your child by sharing your experiences of Christmas, finding out what gifts they want from Santa, and what their favorite winter activities are.

This is true for any themed coloring sheet, be it summer, zoo animals, Halloween, space, or occupations. Coloring sheets can open up paths of communication to find out what your child already knows and feels, as well as teach them new facts in a digestible way.

Bini’s Free Printable Coloring Pages Will Save Your Child from Boredom!

Our amazing Bini Bambini artists are always creating new adorable coloring sheets for your child to enjoy! They feature funny characters from our educational apps, letters and numbers, lots of different animals, and many other objects to help your child learn. And what’s more, they’re all free! Just download them from our Pinterest page (or check out our link below) and print.

Your child will have hours of fun all while building up hand and finger strength to eventually hold pencils correctly, aiding them in their future education endeavors.

Help your kid learn all about winter and Christmas with these free printable coloring pages.

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