Numbers for Kids: Get Them Ready for School with Worksheets
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Numbers for Kids: Get Them Ready for School with Worksheets

Will your kid be ready for school? You can make sure they are by giving them fun number worksheets! We’ve whipped up some printables for you to download and teach them the basics of numbers. So, take a look at why you should let your kids play games and do printables, and ensure that they will be ready for school!

Learn numbers for a Confident Start at School

Free number games for kids can help kids deal with the huge change that comes with starting school. There are new teachers to meet, friends to make, and rules to remember. It can be overwhelming. But being able to answer some of the teacher’s math questions early on can help a child quickly feel at home in this new environment.

Activity sheets and educational apps such as ours familiarize kids with all kinds of fundamental concepts that will give them confidence in the classroom. Start kids off with free number games for preschool and watch them develop with a smile.

Our Preschool Educational Game Benefits

Our preschoolers’ educational games may seem silly, but that’s because they’re designed to be. No matter how old you are, you engage more with something if you enjoy it, and kids love silly things that make them giggle. Our games feature the Funny Foods and animated letters and numbers who all dance, laugh, sing, and play. Increased engagement equals increased learning.

Not only are kids’ minds developed in preschoolers’ educational games, but so are their fine motor skills. We often forget about the muscles in our fingers, but building dexterity in little hands when they’re young will help later with holding pens and learning to type. If you build up your kid’s skills little by little, they won’t be such an obstacle later.

Pre-k Games Come in All Shapes and Sizes

What do you think of when you hear the word “games”? Maybe you don’t think printables but rather video games. Or maybe something more active like Tag. Don’t forget the many thousands of board games that range from super simple to crazy complex. But even printables can be seen as a type of game with activities such as wordsearches, mazes, and brain teasers. They’re the good kind of mind games. Whatever kind of game your child plays, they’re not just playing–they’re developing necessary skills.

Games for toddlers free them up from the tediousness of rote learning while still getting them to repeat, practice, and build up the skills that we tend to forget about as adults. You can download our printables below and try our games for toddlers free to see how your kids like them.

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