Practice Numbers with Bini Bambini
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Practice Numbers with Bini Bambini

There’s so much to learn about numbers! There’s digits, there’s counting, there’s amounts, and that’s just the beginning.

Bini Bambini’s number activities let your kid practice their number skills, while making it interesting and engaging. It’s the first step to math and a successful future!

These matching games, counting worksheets, mazes, coloring sheets, and more are designed by early education experts to be fun. So your kid can learn all they need to know about numbers, and enjoy doing it.

There’s a special reward at the end for when your child completes all the activities– A coloring sheet for them to let their creativity loose!

Looking for more activities to help your child develop their number skills? Follow the link to our app. It’s full of fun games that teach your kid the fundamentals.

Do you know what a group of apples is called? A bushel!

How many apples are in these bushels? Count the apples in each bushel, then draw a line to the matching number. You’ll practice counting and visualizing different amounts.

Hedgehogs! Foxes! Squirrels! How cute! But how many are there of each?

Count how many there are of each animal, and write the number in the matching circle. You’ll practice identifying similar objects and memory skills.

Ladybug, Ladybug, please stay right there. The spots on your back, how many are there?

Each ladybug has a different number of spots! Count the spots, then draw a line from the ladybug to the matching number. You’ll practice counting and number recognition.

Find the number that matches how many objects are in the picture. Then circle it!

You’ll practice matching numbers to amounts.

1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! Waltz your way down the 123 path all the way to the end.

You’ll build attention span, pattern recognition, and reinforce the numbers 1, 2, and 3.

Connect the numbers to finish the picture. Make sure they’re in the right order, and color the picture when you’ve completed it!

You’ll practice correct number order and creativity skills.

There’s a special picture here that will reveal itself when you color by the numbers!

Each number matches a certain color. Find the number and its color at the bottom of the page, then color it in. You’ll practice number recognition and develop fine motor skills.

The numbers are all jumbled in a pile. Some are the right way up, but some are sideways or even upside down!

Find each number. When you find one, say what it is and then color it in.

Get creative and color in the number and the picture any color you want!

You’ll practice number and amount recognition, as well as creativity skills.

Follow the numbers in order starting at 1 and finishing at 10 to help the mouse get through the number maze. Look out little cheese, here we come!

You’ll practice counting in order and number recognition.

You made it all the way through the number activities – well done! Here’s a special coloring sheet for doing such a great job.

Get creative and add different colors and details to your heart’s content.

Does your kid love fun, educational worksheets? If so, download this free Practice Numbers with Bini Bambini activity book and let them fall in love with numbers

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