Top 6 Activities To Keep Kids Occupied And Parents Sane In Summer
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Top 6 Activities To Keep Kids Occupied And Parents Sane In Summer

Don’t we always wait for the summer? Joy, freedom, new experiences, – these things are often associated with the warm season.

So to solve this riddle, we’ve consulted early education experts and kid psychologists on the best approach to take. And here is the big news. 

But when you are a parent, summertime doesn’t always feel that carefree. Moreover, every year we, parents, face challenges: how do I maintain the routine? Why does the child find it hard to go to bed in summer? How can one make this time fun and special, while balancing work, home, and personal life? The latter has become the most urgent question given the latest circumstances: work from home, summer camps closed, trips postponed or canceled. 

Firstly, it’s perfectly fine for kids to get bored. In fact, it’s essential. Boredom boosts creativity and stimulates kids to think of ways to entertain themselves. There is absolutely no need to throw “best summer party ever” or take your kid to the zoo every single day.

Secondly, there are some budget yet amusing activities to distract kids and at the same time not overload them during holidays. Below we’ve laid out some tips that may come in handy anytime. 


Did you know that coloring is crucial for early childhood for a number of reasons? 

  • helps develop fine motor coordination and build hand strength; 
  • trains focus; 
  • stimulates creativity.

We know what you may think: “Oh, come on, that will occupy my child for 5 mins maximum”. As simple as it may seem, don’t underestimate this activity. There are various options to consider: digital (coloring apps for kids) and offline such as coloring books. 

An iOS or Android app is a go-to choice when you are in a car or doctor’s waiting room. While coloring books are well-suited to draw at home or a restaurant dinner. The main trick is to find the characters and plots your child is especially excited about. We’ve come up with a few examples for your convenience: 

Summer Board 

A long piece of paper or a board will be enough to set up a family summer board. You can work on it during the whole season! Stick photos, pictures, tickets from the zoo, cinema, or any other memorable little something to create your very special summer diary. It’s a heart-warming activity for the whole family to participate, and bond. 

Hide-and-Seek with Stuffed Animals

Grab a bunch of stuffed animals and hide them around the house with some awards! You can have it arranged in advance so that you can have your kid occupied while you hop on a quick Zoom meeting, do your stretch-out or simply have a chill on the couch!

Learn a Song

Pick a song you like best and practice singing it like a star! Our experience shows that learning a song is a great way to spend some quality time together. Besides, you can take care of something else in the meantime: do the dishes, clean up the garden or cook meals. 

Not only can you both have some fun, but it also helps toddlers build their vocabulary, train memory, and sensory skills. And finally, every summer needs a song to remember it by, doesn’t it? 


Outdoors or in your living room these easy crafts will definitely keep your child busy. It works as a fast-acting solution in the “I’m boooooored” crisis. 

What’s nice about Do It Yourself projects, is that you don’t need to be a crafts genius to make really cute stuff with just crayons, paper, and glue. You’ll be surprised to find out that pretty much everything you have at home will come in useful. 

It’s a great opportunity to interact with the child while supporting his cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. It keeps a kid’s mind active, lengthens the attention span, and teaches them to recognize shapes. From building your own toys organizer from wooden boxes to decorating your nightstand, the variety of DIY projects is endless. Your fantasy is the only limit!

Completing a project also brings a sense of accomplishment, which is good for self-esteem. 

Find Yummies

We are proud of our abcya educational computer games and apps for kids, and especially of the adorable characters that win a child‘s affection. Per the feedback from our users (among which there are a lot of Bini employees, BTW) children begin to show interest in fruits and veggies even offline, thanks to our best kids apps.

Why not revise the words your child has learned through the app by searching and naming Yummies characters you have at home? E.i in the fridge, kitchen table, or garden.  


As parents, we strive to give our kids what’s best for them. 

But remember one essential thing: kids are curious and inventive by nature. Their brains are already wired to look for new play forms and entertain themselves. All we can do is encourage their in-born сuriosity and be by their side while they discover the world and their talents. In summer children have more time and energy for that.

We hope that the tips above will help you and your child make the most of the summertime break and turn it into a pleasurable experience for both of you.

What’s your favorite summer pastime? Comment below to share!

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