When Do Kids Learn to Count?
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When Do Kids Learn to Count?

Math and learning to count are fundamental skills necessary for children to succeed. And that’s why parents plague themselves with thoughts like, “When should my child know how to count to 10?”, “Does my child really understand the concept of numbers?”, and “Oh no! My kid skips numbers when they count!”

It’s ok, learning math is a process. Read on to learn some simple steps and find out about our free educational resources.

When Do Kids Learn to Count?

A lot of parents ask themselves this, so, when do kids learn to count? Let’s take a look at some basic steps:

Rote counting The very first step. At this stage, it’s purely reciting. There’s no association with counting, “how many”, or anything like that. It’s the ability to recite numbers in order from memory. Play number songs and count the fruits and vegetables you buy out loud to help your kid learn. By the age of 2, a child can rote count up to 10 (with some mistakes, but that’s ok!)

One-to-one correspondence Between the ages of 2 and 4, children start learning that those numbers actually correspond to something–quantity! This is the “how many” stage. First, get your child to line up their toys and count them out to build this skill.

Pairing numbers with written numerals At around preschool age (3 to 4), kids start associating the numbers with their written numeral counterparts. This stage can be developed with the help of coloring worksheets and even educational apps, which we’ll talk more about below.

Help your kid learn to count with educational games for kids

Kids have a natural curiosity and a love for learning, and it’s important to nurture this. They also love playing games, so it’s only natural to combine the two to help kids be successful in school and in life.

And it’s not just games, educational videos for kids are a great way to show kids how numbers work. Take the video below for instance. We’ve taken gameplay from one of our drawing apps. In it, kids learn to count by drawing–a favorite activity for most children! Check it out on iOS here, or on Android here.

These next two videos show various games in our Funny Food apps that teach cardinal and ordinal numbers, as well as comparisons and fractions. If you’re interested in the apps themselves, they’re available on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

And this next one is taken from our app with the Super Numbers! Not only do kids learn the numbers, but they also get to meet them and become friends with them. Here’s the app on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

But these videos can be a little long for the little ones just starting out who still need to develop their attention spans. So, we even have videos that break up the numbers for them First there’s numbers 1 to 3:

Numbers 4 to 6:

And numbers 7-9

Funny Food World will entertain and educate your kids with short games perfect for developing attention spans. It’s available on iOS, Android, and Amazon. We have so many videos on our YouTube channel that will help your kid learn all the fundamentals. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Speaking of educational, what about coloring sheets and number games?

We also have dozens of coloring sheets, specially designed as color number for kids worksheets on Pinterest. There are loads of fun little number games as well. They’re easy to get and free to boot. So you’re saved from the hassle of searching around for hours, and your kid can get to learning quick! Follow the link below:

Link to Pinterest

Link to YouTube

So, we invite you to take full advantage of all this free educational content. Subscribe to our YouTube, keep an eye on Pinterest, find us on all the social media platforms, and get everything your kid needs to master the basics!

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