YouTube for Children: a Portal to Reading
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YouTube for Children: a Portal to Reading

Children have so many options today for learning ABCs. Typically, when we think of reading, our minds automatically think of books, but there are other ways to learn. Don’t worry book lovers, books shall forever remain, but there are lots of ways to get kids reading as quickly and with as much enjoyment as possible. That means they can embrace a love of reading to the fullest. One of these ways is YouTube videos. When done right, educational videos on YouTube are engaging and allow kids a level of independent learning that boosts their confidence.

An entertaining way to learn ABC

Just like the games we make for our educational apps, the alphabet videos are silly and entertaining for children. Why silly? Because silliness makes kids giggle! When kids are giggling and laughing away at something, it means their minds are engaging with it. How focused is a child when bored? I think you know the answer to that. They’ll be thinking of anything else they possibly can.

Our videos are also short, so they don’t overload children with too much information, and you can stop and start them when it’s convenient for you. Many of them are also sorted into playlists, so you don’t have to worry about what video pops up next.

This playlist has each of the 26 letters listed individually, and this playlist has them grouped together. Take a look to see what works best for your child.

Do you know about phonics?

Phonics is a method for learning read and write the alphabet. It’s been proven as an amazingly effective method, as it associates letters and sounds, teaching kids to decode a word rather than ‘guessing what fits’ as another method does.

Phonics can teach kids to sound out single letters, for example, CAT is C-A-T. But it can also teach them to group letters, for example, CAT is C-AT. Phonics made up of two letters are called digraphs, and we have a playlist on digraphs as well here. In the case of the word CAT, learning AT together just speeds up reading for words like MAT, HAT, and SAT. But for words like SHIP, it shows that when certain letters combine in English, the sound changes completely. Here’s another Phonics playlist because they’re so important to learn!

Teach your child to read with our YouTube Videos and Apps

Finally, when we put all the elements of the alphabet, sounds, and phonics into visually stimulating mediums, we give children the tools they need to read on their own. If they know how to decode individual and short groups of letters, they’ll soon be able to sound out and read longer words without even realizing it! Even learning how to read words as difficult as YACHT or DINOSAUR, like in this playlist, will become a breeze.

Take a look yourself at all the videos for watching and learning we have. Your kids will love being able to read on their own and enjoy school more with the confidence they gain.

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