Bini Bambini’s ABC Activities for Kids – Valentine’s Edition
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Bini Bambini’s ABC Activities for Kids – Valentine’s Edition

Make this Valentine’s Day special by letting your child fall in love with the alphabet with fun ABC activities. The lifelong relationship with reading and writing is an important one, so why not start it off on the right foot with fun letter-learning activities? ABC Bini Bambini games provide a variety of exercises not only in ABC printables like this one, but also in our free ABC Bini Bambini apps.

If your kid enjoys our Bini Bambini practice worksheets, they can continue the educational fun on our ABC Bini Bambini early learning academy apps. ABC learning for kids is the first and most important step in ensuring your child has a successful future.

Oh no! Some of the letters are lost and need your help to find their place. Do you know where they go? Develop letter recognition in this Bini ABC cut-and-paste task.

Take a look at the sequence of letters to see which ones are missing. Then, cut out the letters in the letter bank and fill in the blank spaces. Let’s help them spend Valentine’s Day together!

What’s more romantic than a special message? A special message in a big heart!

Cut out the letters. Then, use them to spell out the Valentine’s Day words. This activity is one of our free ABC printables that helps your child practice spelling.

H is for Heart, it’s beating for you. H is for heart, please color it true!

Color in the big H’s, the small h’s and the picture of the heart. Then, cut the heart out, give it to someone you love, and tell them what letter it starts with! Learn the letter H and show someone you care with Bini Bambini reading games.

Can you find your one true I?

One letter is different from the others. Take a close look and see if you can find it. This Bini Bambini practice task builds attention spans and an eye for details.

A secret admirer has left you a message in code. Can you figure it out? Take the first letter from each picture and put them in the space below. Then, see if you can read out the words the letters spell. This is a wonderful ABC Bini Bambini brain teaser that practices both spelling and reading.

Help the unicorn follow the ABC path to true love!

The path goes A, then B, then C. Stick to the pattern and follow it to a full and happy heart! ABC learning for kids can help them build concentration.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Connect the dots in alphabetical order and get a special Valentine’s Day present! Do you know what it is? Don’t forget to color it in.

This is great kid ABC learning worksheet for little ones learning alphabetical order

Make your Valentine’s Day more colorful with this color-by-letter worksheet! Recognize letters in this sea of hearts and color them according to the key.

This activity helps develop letter recognition and concentration. Check out our other Bini Bambini reading games to develop these skills further.

Show someone you care this Valentine’s Day with this special Valentine’s Day card. Cut out the character and put magical wings on it. Then, give it to someone dear to you.

This freeform Bini Bambini practice activity rewards kids for all their hard work and gives them space to be creative.

Does your kid love fun, educational worksheets? If so, download these free Valentine’s ABC activities and let them fall in love with letters!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and we’ll see you in one of our delightful Bini Bambini educational apps!

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